• Carmen Cepeda Villanueva

    Carmen “Carmelita” Cepeda Villanueva is unstoppable. At 89, she’s still doing what she loves and continues to be an inspiration to the hair industry.

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  • Ellen Wille

    First Female Awards Recipient Ellen Wille started out selling alternative hair solutions in 1967 after her studies in the fashion metropolis of Paris in a small retail store in Frankfurt, Germany. Her vision grew above and beyond.

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  • William Campagnolo

    At the age of nineteen, William Campagnolo graduated from barber school and began his career working for his father. Soon afterwards, to advance his technical skills, he studied under Michael Vee who was a renowned men’s hair stylist of that time.

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  • Ben Carey

    Ben Carey was the eldest of six children. His father was a sergeant in the air force and much of his childhood was spent in Germany. At the age of thirteen his family was transferred to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he spent his teen years happily in the warm climate.

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  • Leslie (Les) Edward Martin

    A native of Canada, Les Martin started in the hair replacement industry in the 60’s and moved his operation to the USA in the 80’s. With a strong entrepreneurial drive and great vision, he opened factories in Italy, Korea (1975) and China (1986), as well as an office in Hong Kong in 1989.

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  • João Costa Pereira

    A true entrepreneur, João Costa Pereira first entered the hair replacement industry in 1967, and has continued to constantly innovate his product and service offerings. In turn, he remains relevant in today’s hair replacement market in Brazil and beyond.

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  • Gil Mennetrey

    Born to parents who were both hairdressers, Gil Mennetrey has always been passionate about hair care and the treatment of hair loss. At age 23, he earned the award of Master Craftsman and later became a member of the prestigious “Club 50” in Paris, which later became the “Hair Club of France.”

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  • Mike Mahoney

    As a cosmetologist, retail business owner, wholesaler, educator, researcher and writer, Mike Mahoney has witnessed many changes in the hair replacement business, some of which he has facilitated himself.

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  • Finn Waldorf

    Finn Waldorf’s vision and passion began at the early age of 14 when he decided to be a hairdresser. By 18, he opened his first salon, making him the youngest salon owner in his native Denmark. Finn is a pioneer of ladies synthetic prosthesis in Europe.

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  • Arnold Zimmerman

    Arnold Zimmerman started out as a salesperson in the hair replacement industry in Washington D.C. When his family moved to Arizona in 1975, his great entrepreneurial spirit led him to open National Hair Centers.

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The Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award is the hair loss industry’s most prestigious accolade.

Inspired by the late Mr. Randy Martin, the award was instituted in 2009 to celebrate the craftsmanship and business acumen of outstanding hair loss professionals and to recognize leaders in the global hair loss industry.

The Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award – For the legacy to continue. For the future to be shaped. For the industry to be elevated.

About The Hair Icons

Instituted in 2009, the Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates the craftsmanship and business acumen of outstanding hair loss professionals and recognizes leaders in the global hair loss industry.
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