Randy Martin's dream continues

Mr. Randy Martin, 1953 – 1999

  • In honor of his vision, we embrace Randy Martin’s dream of lifting the hair replacement industry to its highest levels. Today, his vision is shared by many who laughed with him and worked alongside him as well as by many others who never even met him.

    Oscar Urzola-President, New Image Labs

To this day, customers and competitors agree that the industry is more dynamic and energized because of Randy Martin. 
Randy Martin revolutionized the hair replacement industry with the introduction of his program sales concept and territory exclusive product designs like the Paragon.

Some describe him as “entrepreneur, business icon, pioneer, industry revolutionary.” Others say he was “full of energy and zeal, passion and compassion.” And yet others portray him as “relentless in pushing boundaries, never settling for anything less than simply the best, doing everything with gusto.” To many he was a trusted friend, respected colleague. To all of us in the hair replacement industry, he was and will continue to be a great inspiration.

To honor his legacy, New Image instituted the annual Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. Every year, this global award is presented to outstanding hair replacement specialists who have left their mark in the industry, who are of excellent creativity, of great business acumen and who reflect a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial zeal.

These Hair Icons have taken the reins and live their vision of elevating the hair replacement industry. In their professionalism, dedication and creative force lies the future of the craft, the trade and the industry as a whole.

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Instituted in 2009, the Randy Martin Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates the craftsmanship and business acumen of outstanding hair loss professionals and recognizes leaders in the global hair loss industry.
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